What do y’all have in common?  “We both think we’re always right. We’re very stubborn.”
  Do y’all get along?  “Sometimes. If we’re doing something that we both like.” “Yeah, like when we’re playing basketball or on the trampoline. I think because we both enjoy it and don’t want to mess it up. But when we’re in our house just doing normal things then I’m like, “GO AWAY!”
  What was the last thing you fought about?  “Do you mean like physically? Or verbally?”
  It sounds like y’all spend a lot of time with friends. Do your parents sometimes require family time with just the four of you?  “Yeaaahhhhhhhh….”
 “I’ll be taller than her some day.”
  It’s almost Christmas…do y’all give each other gifts?  “No.” “Yes!” “Well, our parents buy something and write on the tag that it’s from us.” “It’s awesome.”
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