A Year of Siblings

Happy Birthday, Sibling Revelry Project! I am loving this project and I hope you are too. What a great year!

A few quick stats from the past 12 months...

26 families and counting
186 published images
3234 total images shot
4 months to 92 years old
33 sisters
23 brothers
3 sets of twins
7 siblings in the largest family

Wow! And of course those numbers don't tell even a fraction of the story. No way could I fully capture that. But I can offer some glimpses. And I can tell you that every family has been unique and familiar all at once. It would be impossible to pick a favorite image or quote from the last year, but the following ones were especially memorable. If you haven't read through all of the interviews lately, I encourage you to take another look. So many gems! I'm incredibly grateful to all the families who shared themselves with me. Yay siblings!


There are more siblings coming up soon! I’ll be sharing stories from a brand-new Big Sis, a pair of polar opposites, some siblings who tried reeeaaaallllly hard to come up with something nice to say about each other, and a young set of brothers who built me a fire and offered to cook me a hot dog.

I can’t wait to share them with y’all!

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Thank you!!! You’re the best!


Hi y'all!

Welcome to the party and to my new gathering place for all the siblinghood stories I've been collecting this year. There are so many more to come, and I hope you will follow along!

Subscribe to my updates (see below) and you won't miss a single bit. I will continue to post on Instagram and Facebook, and I hope you will continue to share/like/comment...spreading the love will help build this project.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing enthusiasm and support! Y'all really are the best!