Do y’all ever fight?  “YES!” “NO!” “SORTA!” “Sometimes we get in a big ruckus about one little thing. The last time it was about candy corn.”
 “She likes to give kisses.”  Do y’all like that?  “NO! Only from parents!”  What do y’all do when she tries to kiss you?  “We run away! Fast!”
 “Sometimes my brother can be really really really really really really really really really annoying. And sometimes he can be super super super super super super super super nice.”
  If somebody asks about your brothers, what’s the first thing you tell them?  “They like to play ‘Meeps’ and chase after me.”
  What should I know about your sister?  “She can’t armpit fart like us, but she can do fake burps.”
  Do you like being the only girl?  “Yes, I do! Because I get my own room all to myself.”
  Are you allowed to tell your brothers to stay out of your room?  “Yes.” “What? No, she’s not.”
  Tell me something that makes your family unique…  “Two of us are adopted. We are whole Korean.” “I thought I was the only whole one?” “No, you were just born in Korea. I was born here. So what basically happens is you don’t have to be from Korea to be full Korean. You just have to be born from two Korean people. My brother came all the way on a plane when he was a baby. He flew on a plane and it took 24 hours.” “I thought it was 17 hours and 50 minutes?!” “You get the idea.”
  What do y’all have in common?  “Lots. We all like Pokemon cards. We all like to watch videos. We all like pancakes. We all like books….lots of things.”
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