What’s the best thing about being a big sister? "I don’t know."  Well, what do you like about having a sister? "I don’t know."  What if she were a brother? "I don’t know."  Does she have any super powers? "I don’t know."
 "Can I give you a little push?" "Noooo!" "Ready?" "Noooo!!!"
 What do y’all fight about? "Mangoes." "Noooo! I just want the mango." "I get some too." "Noooo! I want the mango. All of it. By myself."
 Do you have a favorite toy you don’t like your big sister to touch? "Bunny." "She doesn’t have a bunny." "Bunny!!!" "You don’t have a bunny." "BUNNY!!! I do have bunny!!! Remember Lola?"
 Do you think y’all look alike? "No. People say we do though."
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