How would you describe each other?  “She is very chill but ambitious in her own way. It’s a very different approach to how I do things.” “She is very driven, very competitive and very hard on herself.” “But I’ve chilled some on the competitiveness!” “Mmmmm… Well, she’s now able to play board games but she’s still competitive. She’s not competitive with me, but she always feels like she needs to be the best in whatever she’s doing.”
  Y’all have shared a room your whole lives. Tell me about that…  “Oh I love it!” “That’s because I’m the one who cleans the room!” “We coexist well. We don’t spend a lot of time at home now anyway. When we were little we used to pass notes down our bunk beds.” “She had all these One Direction posters and I just had a big world map.”  And now you’re heading to college…  “Yeah. This summer I was a counselor at our camp so I went out two days before her…and in those two days she sold my bed and put all my stuff in my mom’s office.” “Well she has SO MANY THINGS. I mean, she has a face sauna. It’s going to take her forever to get out of here. So I decided to take the bull by the horns.”
 “We have a good understanding of each other.” “I don’t think we’ve ever really fought. Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Get your life together!’ But we’ve never actually fought.” “I think that’s because of her personality. If I had another sibling I’d probably scream, because I get in fights with plenty of other people. We had some friends who would fight all the time. Like physically fight…pulling hair, slapping. And afterward my sister would pull me aside and say, ‘That’s not how we resolve our conflicts.’”
  Are you more receptive to advice from your big sister vs. your parents?  “Oh! I roll my eyes a lot more with my parents! They are awesome, but I feel like because she’s closer to my age I can look at her and say, ‘Yeah, that’s where I want to be.’ I can take her advice…and she is my best bet to tell me what I’m doing wrong.” “But I’m not mean about it, right?” “No, not mean.” “Usually my advice is more like, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”
  Wait, are y'all speaking Spanish because you think I can't understand you?? Busted!  "Hahaha! We do that to our parents so we're kinda used to it."
  Ok, so she leaves for college soon. How are you feeling about this?  “I do not like. I do not like it at all. I cried her whole graduation. I mean, mascara-down-the-face crying. She’s ready and she’s going to do great. I just like having her in my room…and well, I don’t know…I’m just really really going to miss her.”
  What are y’all going to miss?  “I’m going to miss how she always pumps me up for swim practice and school when I don’t want to go. 5:30am! And she’s always super peppy about it.” “I’m going to miss all of her hilarious obsessions. We spent so much time driving to and from high school, and we would do these singing competitions all the time. I’m going to miss her being my go-to person who’s always there.”
  Is there something you learned from your sister that you'll take to college with you?  "Sometimes you can't brush things off. You gotta go get 'em. I’m more of a non-confrontational person. I might say, "Let's dialogue…." But she says, 'Sometimes you gotta punch 'em in the face and take things head on.'"
  Where will y'all be in 10 years?  "Running for the United States Congress." "Voting for her."
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