Ok, here's a question for y'all. Who is...  "The best? Me, right here."
 "We play Spy a lot, and he’s always the bad guy. And when we play Doctor, he’s the evil doctor."  Why do you think he’s always the bad guy?  "I don’t know…he seems to be really good at acting like a bad guy. And he seems to find us very annoying."
 "They are a lot different than me. They both are like boy-ey, and I’m mostly like girly. So I’m a lot different than them."  How is that for you?  "Sometimes it feels lonely. I like sewing, drawing, dancing…and they are usually doing things like fighting or biking or working on their dirt jumps."
 "If you don’t have any siblings then your parents are basically your siblings."  Really?  "Yeah. But you know, parents are mostly busy. That’s why if you are just one child you probably read a lot of books. And you know, you make imaginary friends." "But actually we do that too—we have two imaginary friends!"
 "Having a twin is very special to me. I feel like there’s some kind of connection." "Yeah. Like sometimes we try to think of a word and then say that word out loud at the same time to see if it’s the same."  Does it work?  "Sometimes." "We’ve tried some other tests, but really we just know that we’re twins, and we don’t have to take any of those tests to prove it."
  As the oldest, do you feel a sense of responsibility to be a good role model?  “I suppose I’m a good role model, but I’m not sure how much they look up to me.” “I look up to you about 90%…but the other half of you is super annoying.”
 "I wish we could all swap places for a day and see how annoying we really are." "That would be awesome. We could video it!"
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