"Sunday night is family night. Everyone has to be home. Sometimes we go to Barton Springs or we eat out or go see a movie. I usually end up coming home pretty late most other nights, so it's a good time to see everyone and catch up."
 "They can be annoying."  In what way?  "Every way."  Do you think that’s pretty typical for siblings?  "Oh yeah."
  Tell me something about your brother…  "He’s good at making mac and cheese. He's good at falling off skateboards. He's nice. And he smells nice."
 "We’re all pretty independent. Everyone's good at doing their own thing."
 "We’re going to Thailand this summer."  Do y’all travel well together?  "Yeah. But we also fight everywhere."
  What’s the process for figuring out who does what chore?  "Whoever is closest has to do it. Actually, as long as it gets done, our parents don't care who does it. That’s the system."
  Tell me something about your sister...  "I don’t like it when she wakes me up in the middle of the night. But I like it when she piggybacks with me."
  If you’re Moana, who are they?  "She’s the chicken. He's the pig."
  Is there anything that would surprise me to know about y’all?  "Nothing really. We're just pretty normal."
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