"We never tell each other secrets."  Why do you think that is?  "We don’t trust each other." "Because if you get secrets, you smuggle them to other people."
  What’s a typical day like between you two?  "I give her a few morning noogies and then we finish with a nice punch in the arm."
  Is he funny?  "Um, yeah."
  How do y'all decide who goes first?  "May the best man win!"
  What’s something nice you can say about her?  "Hmm…come back in a few hours."
  What makes her laugh?  "When I draw pictures of her in the future." "You’ve never done that." "Well if I did you would laugh. I would draw a picture of you lobotomizing a cow." "What the heck??"
  What’s the best thing about having a sibling?  "There isn’t one."  Are you sure?  "What about the time I gave you money?" "Oh yeah…you gave me like 5 cents. I think I needed it to make a dollar."
 "I do that all the time." "No you don't." "Yes I do." "No you don't." "Yes I do." "No you don't." "Yes I do." "No you don't." "I've done that many many times." "Maybe once." "That's just not true." "Yak yak yak yak yak. "STOP TALKING!"
  Do y'all have a hard time saying sorry?  "Yeah."
  When do y'all get along?  "Never."  I don’t buy that.  "Well, when we’re building Legos. Sometimes."
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