What’s the most annoying thing they do?  "This! They always want to hug me. I don’t like hugs."
  What’s it like to be the only girl?  "Sometimes I wish I had a sister to hang out with, but mostly I think, “MAN, I LOVE THIS!"
  What do I need to know about your sister?  "She’s dramatic." "I am not! Well, not 24/7." "OK then, 23/7."
  What do you fight about? One word each.  “Everything.” “Screentime.” “Them.”
 "You’re OK. I got you, dude. You’re fine."
  What’s something he’s really good at?  "Being nice. He’s not one of those mean teenagers." "But…a daily hug would help him be nicer."
  Tell me something about being the youngest.  "You get bossed around a lot. But you also get LOTS of attention."
  What’s the best thing about having siblings?  "You’re never alone. For better or worse."
 "Once I was on a cruise without my brothers, and I was so bored because I had nothing to do but eat ice cream and watch whales swim. It wasn’t the same without them."
 "I want to hug you." "No." "Are you sure?" "I’m sure." "If I were about to die of cancer would you hug me?" "Dude."
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