What’s one thing I should know about y’all?  “We don’t like to smile.” "True dat."
 “He smashes EVERYTHING.” Does it make you nervous when he smashes things? “No, it makes me want to see what happens.”
  You used to all share a room...how was that?  “It was horrible!” “No, it was fine!” “I was on the bottom bunk, which is the worst.” “And HE got a bed by himself.” “It was so unfair.” “Totally unfair.”
  How do y’all solve problems?  “We resort to physical force.” “I don’t know what that means.” “It means we fight.” “Oh yeah, we fight.”
 "He's the best arm farter in the family by far."
  That moment when the yelling reaches a certain pitch and Mom's radar goes off.
  What do y'all fight about?  "Pretty much everything."  What did you fight about today?  "We actually haven't fought today. It's like a world record!"
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