Do you think your twin sisters look alike? "Not at all."
 How often does she remind you that she’s the oldest? “At least 10 times a day!” “It’s a fact. I’m older.” “BY ONE MINUTE! But at least I’m taller.” “BY ONE INCH!”
 "I put a "Knock First" sign on my door, but they never knock first." "That's because you put "or else" and that makes us want to come in even more and see what you're doing."
 Is she the most dramatic? "Yes! Even when she sneezes, she goes AKKCHOOOOO and falls on the floor."
 "We fight about who gets the last cookie. There's always just one left, never three."
 "She's a prankster. One time she put mayonnaise in an Oreo and gave it to me."
 "You know that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? One, two, three...PULL MY NECK!"
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