Ok, so we’ve got 3 out of 4 of you here today. Tell me about your sibling vibe…  “Right now it’s very relaxed because our schedule means that we’re never really all together. But we go on long vacations and those are stressful. Sometimes we just disagree on general things, but right now there aren’t big fights going.”  And your older brother is going to college next year. What will that be like?  “I’m going to be the only sane one in the house.” “He drives me to school most days, so I’ll miss that. I’m always late when my Dad drives me.”
 “Don’t worry…if I push you, I will push him too.” “If one of us goes in, all of us go in.”  I can’t tell if y’all are joking…  “I wouldn’t push her in because she slaps really hard, and I wouldn’t push him in because my mom would get mad at me.”
  Do y’all play board games together?  “When we play Life, I always get the good jobs and she gets super mad.” “I just don’t admit when I lose.” “I’m really good at cheating.” “That’s not true! You cheat a lot, but you’re really bad at it.”
 “I can’t help that my skin is thin and it scratches easily.” “She’s delicate. And overreactive. We were playing Hamilton in the car the other day and she was FREAKING out.” “I was trying to do homework.” “You were FREAKING.” “I had my notebook…I was writing something for English…” “Liar.” “Was too!”  So, how do y’all resolve these types of conflicts?  “My Dad bans her from the backseat for a month.” “He did not! That didn’t actually happen.” “Yeah but it might’ve.”
 “It’s not always fair, but it’s fair in the end.” “No it’s not!” “It’s  not always fair and it’s usually not fair, and if it’s fair to her then  it's not fair to us, so she doesn’t notice it. In the end she comes out  with everything.” “And then someone eats your chicken wings and it’s like…” “Enough with the chicken!”
 “There was that time you said to her…” “Yeah, I know.” “That was the big fight that ended up with furniture flipping.” “You  know how people say things to their siblings like, I wish you were  never born? Well, she said ‘I wish you were never adopted.’” “I was a little bit upset. I’ve only said that once…it was a few months ago.”  How do you move past that as siblings?  “Sometimes I regret what I say. Some of those are things I shouldn’t say to anyone, but especially not her.”
  Do you wish y’all got along better?  “I think we get along just fine.”
  Let’s FaceTime your brother… Ok, so you start college in 6 months. How are you feeling about leaving home?  “I don’t know. I’m not too excited for that part of it. It was a hard decision to apply somewhere that’s so far away.” What do you think will be the hardest part? “I guess it will be weird being with people who are only my age. No younger siblings.”
  What are some lessons you learned from your siblings that you’ll take with you to college?  “How to live with difficult people.”
  What’s the best thing about having siblings?  “We’re never lonely. We always have someone to do something with.” “When we go to our Grandma’s house we have enough people to play badminton. That’s nice.” “If you’re missing your homework, you can get help.” “They CAN be fun at times, but only children get to have friends over every single day.”
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