“Gimme it. Gimme! It’s mine!” “I had it first.” “It’s mine.” “I got it out first.” “What the heck?”
  Have y’all taught him anything?  “We taught him how to play.”  What does he like to play?  “Soccer!”
  How do you make your baby brother laugh?  “He likes it when you sneeze.” “Achoo! Achoo! Ah ah ah ah...choo!”
  What do y’all have in common?  “We’re all good at soccer.” “We’re all good at football.” “We’re all good at Fortnite, except for me.”
  What happens when you fight, like really argue? How do you fix it?  “We don’t talk to each other for like 3 days. Or maybe 5 hours.”
  You’re the oldest…How is that for you?  “It’s the best because I’m going to get out of school before them.”
  Is there anything hard about being in the middle—not the oldest, not the youngest?  “My big brother always gets to go first, and then my little brother always gets to go second because he’s really bossy.”
  What do you like about having brothers?  “They’re fun to play with.”  What’s your favorite thing to do with them?  “Play soccer. I’m the best.”
 “We fight over who gets him out of his crib.”  What do y’all like about it?  “It’s fun. And that’s when he’s the happiest.”
  What if your baby brother had been a sister?  “It would be more boring.” “Yeah, boring!”  Why do you think that?  “Because girls don’t like to do gross stuff.”
  What makes y’all different from each other?  "We don’t look alike.”
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