Do you think being a teenager and being in middle school has changed your relationship?  "Yeah, it used to be that my friends were his friends. And I hated that. I wanted to have some friends that he’s not friends with, and I wanted him to have friends that weren’t mine. And finally, FINALLY in middle school I started to find my own group.”
  What does your little brother do that’s funny?  “He's really good at imitations. He does SNL imitations and they are really really funny.”  So…can you imitate your big brother for me?  “Get out of my ROOOOOMMMM! Omigod you’re so ANNOYING. Duuuude, stop watching my video over my shoulder!”
  What’s your dream Bro Day look like?  “My dream day would probably be here in the game room. With pizza and air conditioning and better wifi.”
  Do you keep secrets for each other?  “If I’m playing video games when I’m not supposed to—or vice versa—we don’t tell on each other. Mom just figures it out. I don’t know how she does it, but she knows. She just knows.”
  What will y’all be like when you’re grown-up brothers?  “I think we’ll be close like our dad and uncle.” “Yeah, we’ll have a better relationship than now because we won’t be fighting.”  You don’t think you’ll fight when you’re older?  “Well, when we’re older we won’t be living together so…”
  Are there celebrity brothers you look up to?  “You know the band  Twenty One Pilots? We don’t know them personally, but we know some of  their songs. That one song talks about being brothers...” “Yeah, they must have a lot of patience with each other to write dozens of songs together.”
 “Wait, you’ve got an eye booger.” “You’re acting like MOM!”
  What’s the best thing about having a brother?  “You always have someone to look up to.”
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