Does it bug you that your little brother is taller than you?  “YES! He outgrew me like two years ago.”
  Tell me something that makes her laugh…  “Random stuff that really wouldn’t be funny to anybody else.”
  Do you feel a sense of responsibility as a big sister?  “I’m a little nervous about him going to a different high school than me because it’s so much bigger…but he’ll be OK.”
  What do y’all like to do together at home?  “We do the dishes...”  Wait, what?  “We do the dishes a lot and play music and sing. Dinner time is our most bonding time because other than that we don’t see each other...Our schedules are kind of crazy. We always eat together as a family, and then we have to clean up. And cleaning the dishes should only take 10 minutes but it takes us like 30 to 45 minutes because we’re singing and dancing.”
  It sounds like y’all genuinely get along. Do you ever fight?  “We used to, especially during the summertime because we had nothing to do so we would just get annoyed with each other.” “It’s been a few years since we’ve really fought.”  Do you remember a big turning point?  “No, I think the fighting started to slow down, and then we just started to become friends.” “Yeah.  Also…why not? I mean, he’s here all the time. You might as well be friends. It makes everything a lot easier, I would say. I kinda just  realized, ‘Why not take advantage of this and just get along?’”
 “In comparison to some of our friends we have a really good sibling relationship.”  Why do you think that is?  “Our  parents had a big part of that…making sure that we would take care of  each other. And our mom was very big on the rule that if you said  something mean, you had to say three nice things…and it couldn’t be  something like, ‘I like your hair.’ It had to be actually meaningful.”
  What’s the best thing about having a sibling?  “It’s like having a friend to come home to.” “I  feel like that too. If you don’t want to talk with your parents you can  go hang out in your brother’s room. After you pay 25 cents, of course.  (We made that rule a few summers ago when we were just coming into each  other’s room and annoying each other.)” “If you say, “Can I come in?” and get permission, then you don’t have to pay.” “We used to drag each other in sometimes.” “Yeah, sometimes I’ll be walking by her room and she’ll shove me in so that I have to pay.”
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