What do you sisters have in common?  “We are very picky about our hair.”  Tell me about that.  "If there are any bumps we say, DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!”
  What makes your big sister laugh?  “It’s hard to make her laugh.” “Yeah,  it’s really hard to make me laugh. But she tries a lot. She got me  recently when she said, “What does the goose poop say to the goose?  Goosey Poopy!”
  Tell me about sharing…  “It’s not hard at all.”  I don’t hear that very often.  “It’s  easy to share because we don’t like many of the same things. We never  have to share that much. Because I don’t like toys, and she does. She  likes baby dolls, and I don’t. I don’t like toys—I like doing things.”
  Do y’all ever fight?  “Uh, no.”  Do you ever get mad?  “Yeah, we get mad. We usually fight for like five seconds and then we’re like, whatever.”  So what do you fight about?  “Usually…Well…So,  she tends to take things of mine a lot. So we fight about…well we don’t  really fight. It’s more like, ‘Seriously, why’d you have to take  that?’”
  What do you think about being a big sister? Is it hard?  “No, it’s not hard. It’s easy. Easy.”  What makes it easy?  “Because  she can do a lot of things. It was harder when she was a baby because  she cried a lot. She made a lot of messes. Well, she makes a lot of  messes now…that hasn’t changed.”
  What do you think your big sister will be when she grows up?  “A builder!”  What will she build?  “A house. A humongous house!”  And what about your little sister?  “I have no doubt she’s going to be a doctor. She wants to be a doctor, an artist and my assistant.”
  What do y’all like to do together?  “We’ve been planning to build a big house.” “Yeah  it’s called a bunny burrow skyscraper. Because it goes down really  deep…and it’s also going to be a SKYSCRAPER! We’re going to have a  really really big room where I’m going to have 600 babies. The big room  is going to be for the crib and the bottles and a lot of stuff like  that. And when you walk into the house, there’s going to be a slide for  the stairs. Because mommy and daddy are going to live there and they  might be kinda old.” “And right when you walk in there will be one  hallway and it’s going to be diagonal. There will be doors and one of  them leads to the stuffed animal room.” “Yes, a lot of doors! And  mommy and daddy’s room is going to be a very big room because they are  the grownups but we will be grown up too. And their room is going to be  really far away from the door because grownups don’t like a lot of  strange noises.” “We’re going to have monkey bars...and there’s going to be a waterslide and an exercise area with a track…” “I’m  going to have 600 babies so that’s why we’re going to need a BIG  WATERSLIDE! We’ll need a million waterslides. And there’s going to be a  button that sprays sunscreen and bugspray on you. I’m really good at art  so I’m going to model what it’s going to look like on a piece of paper.  I’m going to need a REALLY big piece of paper.”
  Does your sister like hugs?  “Yes!”  And do you like hugs too?  “Of course I do; I’m her sister.”
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