What do you tell people about your sisters?  “They’re wonderful. Funny and fun. They’re always there for anything I need. I think they’re my friends more than my sisters.” “When people find out that both my sisters live here they say, ‘You’re SO LUCKY!’”
 “The two of us have a lot in common. We can commiserate. And she is the older, wiser one.” “Y’all are in a bad way if I’m the wiser one.”
 “I loved my middle spot in the family because I never wanted  attention. I felt like SHE got attention because she was the oldest and  the first to do everything, and SHE got it because she was the perpetual  baby. But I was able to slide through in the middle. Mom always said I  was the calm between the storms.”
  Sometimes 3 is a tricky number with siblings…  “Well I remember  when you wanted to go see movies with us and Mom would say, “You’re just  not old enough…If we had KNOWN we were having you we would have had you  sooner!” “I don’t remember feeling left out as the youngest. I  wasn’t traumatized by it. I remember once—I think you were in high  school—and I got to go to the movies with you. I remember thinking it  was the coolest thing ever. I’m sure you were really pissed about it.” “I  was probably pissed because you were getting to see something that I  never would have been allowed to see at your age. I’m still pissed about  that kind of stuff!”
  Do you have any sisterly traditions?  “I think because we all  live in such close proximity and we have similar lifestyles, we are very  integrated into each other’s lives. In a lot of ways that’s really  good—and when people say our relationships are amazing, that’s what they  mean—but at the same time, we aren’t as intentional about certain  things like traditions.”
  What about the necklaces—did y’all wear them on purpose today?  “It’s  funny, people ask me about it all the time. I always say, ‘My sisters  and I all have one.’ But the truth is that we all got them in different  ways. We didn’t buy them together. But I wear it all the time.” “I always have mine on.” “Never take it off.”
  So, one of you was adopted…how was that handled in your family?  “Our parents were relaxed and open about it, but it was such a non-thing that our mom practically forgot about it…” “Remember…We had just gone to see Annie. I was maybe 6.” “Yeah, and afterward you said, “Do we know anyone who is adopted?” And mom just said, ‘Well your big SISTER, of course.’” “And I burst out, “WHAT?!? NO SHE’S NOT!” “Mom dropped her silverware on the table and was like oh my god is this really happening? Did I forget to tell the third kid??”
  Anything you’ve learned from each other that you’ve applied to your parenting?  “I  still go to my older sister often, especially now that two of us have  teens. For example, I know that I’m going to overreact on the strict  side and she is going to…” “…I’m going to under-react.” “No, she  is going to see it through a lens of clarity. Because of the way we grew  up…I was more shy and tentative to do something new or adventurous, and  she was much freer with her choices. So I will call and say, ‘Ok I know  I’m not handling this correctly—what’s your take?’ And she will steer  me more toward the middle ground.”
  What’s the best thing about having sisters?  “You have friends who only know parts of your life, but my sisters know everything. And everything is unspoken.” “Yep, you nailed it. There’s so much known understanding.” “We  have a shared history and a shared future. I don’t necessarily have the  expectation that a friend would take care of me, but with my  sisters…our futures are inextricably linked.”
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