Y’all are 11 months apart. How is that being so close in age?  “I think we fight more because of it.”  What do you fight about?  “Stuff that doesn’t make sense.”
  What happens when y’all fight?  “Sometimes we  resolve it and sometimes we don’t, and we just wait and wait and wait.  And finally, after so long we just…stop. And then later in the day, we  just start playing.”  Do your parents try to get you to talk through your issues?  “Yes.”  How does that go?  “Not so well. For them.”
  What’s the best thing about having a brother?  “You always have a good friend near you.” “Yeah,  and sometimes when I don’t hear something that Mom says I can ask him.  Because he’s always listening. And I’m not. (Don’t tell them I said  that.)”
  Do y’all have similar taste in music?  “Um, sorta?”  What’s on your iPod but not on his?  “The Fugees. Naughty by Nature. I don’t think you have them, do you?” “Definitely not. I’ve got Taylor Swift and you don’t.”  Who do you agree on?  “Missy.” “Yeah, Missy Elliott.”
  Have y'all ever wanted another sibling?  “Um…Maybe another pet.”
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