What makes you sisters different?  “I’m superior.” “Um…I don’t know what that means.” “It means I am the best.”
 “I think what she’s trying to say is that I like my own stuff. It’s not that I don’t like sharing, it’s that…” “You don’t like sharing.”
  What do you like about having a sister?  “It’s basically like a friend who you have a sleepover with every night.” “Yes,  it’s like a friendship, but it’s different in a way because you can  fight with each other and be able to be completely fine in just a few  minutes. But if you have a big fight with a friend, sometimes you aren’t  even friends any more. With sisters you don’t really have a choice, and  I feel like that’s a good thing.”
 “One of her super powers is being really accepting. Let’s  just say that I broke her camera…she can easily forgive me. She can be  cool with it and say, ‘That’s OK.’ Whereas with me, I can hold a  grudge—for a couple days even.” “Like whenever I broke that snow globe with the creepy snowman…?” “IT WASN’T CREEPY.”
 “Member that one time whenever Pippy got into the screen porch?” “You don’t say ‘member’…you say REMEMBER.”
 “There’s a picture of when I was born and my sister is looking at me like, WHAT IS SHE??” “Well, to be fair, you were a very ugly baby.” “Look! How do you call that NOT CUTE??”
 “Whenever she goes away to college I’m going to make her room a ballerina studio.”
  Y’all seem to get along so well…are you for real?  “It’s  actually pretty nice. I mean, there was a period about a month or two  ago where we didn’t go a day without five or six arguments. But we sort  of just stopped.”  Did something happen? Did you talk through it?  “It just sorta faded away. We got tired of fighting.”
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