What do y'all have in common?  “We both like  cats. We both like Pop-Tarts. We both want a phone. And one difference:  Our parents always find her secret hiding spots but they never find  mine.”
  Do y’all fight?  “Yes, sometimes. I almost always start the fights. It’s usually my fault because I’m bored.”
  Tell me something nice about her...  “Every once in a while she lets me play with her.”
 “I don’t let him play with my favorites because I’m scared of what he might do to them.”
  What do you think he will be when he grows up?  “For  all I know he could be anything. Because he’s confident and because he  can talk a lot. But I don’t think he’s going to be an astronaut. I’m  just going to throw that out there.” “Well I do not WANT to be an astronaut because then I could get stuck in a black hole forever.”
 “I would want to be something like a cat breeder. You  actually have to have a license to be a cat breeder. If it’s your actual  job, it’s not that easy. You have to think about their sicknesses but  also about what kind of cat someone might want to buy.”
 “I’m really quiet. I’m usually in the background, and he’s  up talking to whoever. I’m more like our Mom, and he is more like our  Dad. I’m quiet, and I think about things really deeply. My brother says  it right out. He’s always saying hi to the neighbors, and Mom and I are  always looking down embarrassed.” “Dad said it was a nice thing to do! So then we can meet them!” “Well when I see a stranger I think STRANGER DANGER!” “Well I’m thinking, Oh look there’s a neighbor! Hiiiii!!”
  Do you think y’all will live near each other when you’re older?  “No.” “But  if we do…I’m going to bet that my husband and my children—all the  cousins—would be like brothers and sisters and spend a lot of time  together.”
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