You’re the big brother. Is that an important job?  “Yes. It’s also a hard job.”  What makes it hard?  “How you get punched a lot. You can’t really interfere because your parents are like, “You’re bigger than him! Don’t hurt him!”
  When you’re building a fire like this, do you have to watch out for your little brother?  “No, he knows what to do.”
  Do you like to help your brother with his fires?  “Yes. Make hot dogs. Me eat hot dogs!”
 “It’s pretty big.” “No, it’s not pretty big. You know how big my fires can get.” “It’s thissss big: It’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9!”
  What else have you taught him?  “I taught him how to bike.”  What did you tell him about riding a bike?  “Bikes are not toys. Technically they are, but…you can’t goof around on a bike. To be safe.”
  Is your big brother silly?  “Yes. A tiny bit.”  What makes him laugh?  “This!”
  Do you like being a big brother?  “Kinda.”  What’s the kinda part?  “The biting.”  Oh right. Sometimes 2 year-olds bite.  “You’ve gotta be ready. Because sometimes it seems like he will come in for a hug and then AAHHHH.”
  What do you remember about the day he was born?  “I didn’t actually get to see his birth. He had a hospital birth. I remember Amma sitting on the birth ball, and then getting into the pool. Then we saw his head but it was misshaped and wouldn’t come out. We were at home and then they transferred to the hospital. I was the third person to hold him. My moms and then me. He seemed pretty big.”
  What makes your little brother laugh?  “This!” “Oweee. Me done.”
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