How does he like to be held?  “It goes like this.”
  Are you good at being a big sister?  “Yes. He likes when I do this.”  Are you being gentle?  “_____.”
 “He is always a good boy.”  Does he cry sometimes?  “Yes. It’s loud.”  What do you do when he cries?  “I smile. I say shhhhhhhh.”
  What does your brother like?  “He likes this. Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah! I LOVE you!”
  How do you know what he wants when he cries?  “I know what he wants! Pacifier!”
  What’s the best thing about being a big sister?  “One time I came downstairs to see Mommy, and I said I hated being a big sister.”
  What do you want to teach him first?  “I don’t know how to read books yet. I teach him how to run.”
  Do you think he'll ever be big like you?  “Uh huh. Can you read this book to me now?”
 “This is my instrument that can get bugs out of ears. Open wide…let me check your mouth and see if there are any bugs in there.”  Doctor, what’s your diagnosis?  “He’s going to be OK.”
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