What’s the best thing about having a sibling?  “Ummm…”  Ok, when do y’all get along?  “Almost never.”  What do you have in common?  “Nothing.”  There’s gotta be something you both like?  “We like our dogs.” “Yeah, we both like our dogs. That’s about it.”
  What’s his greatest talent?  “He’s really good at riding dirt bikes, doing backflips, shooting things like deer, picking scabs and not crying, and…” “I will punch you if you say that…”
  What’s her superpower?  “Telling on me. If my parents say, “Don’t touch each other!” she does that overreactive thing. Or she will ask to play tag and then when I touch her she tells on me.” “I WAS THREE WHEN I DID THAT!”
  What do y’all like to play together?  “Sometimes we have sand fights.” “Yeah, but I always hate it! You always get sand in my eye.” “And YOU get sand in my shirt!” “I DO THAT BECAUSE YOU GET IT IN MY EYE!”
  What do you fight about?  “Who’s first. Who got it first…who said it first…no matter what it is.”
  Are y’all ready to head back to the house?  “HELLO?? I can’t walk across the sand in my slippers.” “Wait, I have an idea!”
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