There are 7 of y’all. Is that a lot?  “We’ve learned it’s a lot based on other people’s reactions.” “Our mom is the 7th of 15, so we always compared it to that.” “It’s my go-to fun fact: I’m the youngest of 7 kids.” “When I met my husband he said, ‘I have a big family.’ I said, Oh DO you? He said, ‘Yes, I have three brothers.’ And I said, ‘I have three brothers too! AND three sisters!’”
  How did your parents manage so many kids?  “Their general parenting style was ‘If they don’t show up, that’s when we get worried.’” “Yeah, we were pretty free.” “We were young and shirtless.” “I think that’s rose-colored nostalgia talking.”
  Were you older ones parented differently than the younger ones?  “Oh YEAH…Completely different rules!” “Maybe we didn’t have as many rules because we didn’t need them. I didn’t get into ANY trouble.”
 “For lack of a better word, she’s a flibbertigibbet.” “What?? Are you really lacking a word?”
 “I never felt like I was in anyone’s shadow…because we had so many differences.”
 “There’s an element of loneliness being the only one with kids. Y’all are fantastic aunts and uncles, but you don’t quite GET it. And I would love to share the experience with you.”
 “Having so many siblings gives us a level of confidence. Y’all describe me as a risk taker but the reason I can do it is because I know that if it goes completely fucking off the wall and everything gets fucked up then I will end up back here…and see my siblings once a week. That’s a privilege.”
  Of course y’all fought as kids, but do you fight now?  “There’s an ongoing one that has been unresolved. But that’s ok. We don’t need to hash it all out right now.” “I would say that maintaining the relationship is the priority and then there are mini conflicts…it’s not like all seven of us fight all at once. It’s a constant work in progress.” “We’ve literally been talking for the last few weeks about how we’re thankful that we’re all able to call each other out on shit.”
  Are y’all competitive with each other?  “No, not really…Oh, I just stepped in poop!” “Poop?!? From who?” “From WHOM…”
 “I came out to different siblings at different times. I can’t remember which one of you I told first.” “Oh I do! Hashtag first to know!”
 “I feel like you’re not even listening!” “It’s definitely true that I’m not listening.” “Well anyway, I was saying that linear momentum is mass times velocity, right? And angular momentum is moment of inertia (which is like angular mass in a way…rotational mass) times angular velocity. And moment of inertia is determined by the body that’s rotating, so basically…” “NERD ALERT!”
  What’s the best thing about having siblings?  “It’s the idea of looking at a situation or being presented with a story, and having the exact same reaction...because the same factors play into how you perceive everything.”
 “I’m thankful every single time I have an adult conversation with someone who did not grow up with a number of siblings. Because they cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes the way that I think we do.”
 “With my siblings I have a solid group of people who KNOW me. I think that spurs us to be independent. Since we have that solid base we can go out and do our own thing and feel totally fine and confident on our own. Especially now that I’m the only one who has moved away...But I’m fine…I’m fine.”
 “We still do family dinner every Sunday.”
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